The Heartbreak Years

Heartbreak Years

“The worst kind of heartbreak… the kind you feel when you know that all your efforts to make something work are fruitless and yet you refuse or are unable to move on. You linger in a state of denial, pretending to be happy, and trying to avoid the eventual pain that you know you’re going to feel. Yet, somehow, this limbo state ends up being the most painful part of the whole thing. The end feels like relief.”

The Bad Things



  1. wow your amazing i wish my blog was as good or even close to being as good as yours. i feel in a way i’m not alone. your words speak so much truth.

    • Thank you for your kind words. This is the first time I have really had my heart broken and I never imagined how hard it would be. This blog is helping me put into words the pain I feel in my heart. Someday I hope it will be a little happier place to visit.

      • i understand exactly what you mean. that is what my blog is for. i never opened up to love someone and finally wen i was convinced to he left me after a year and a half telling me that i made him misrable and never loved me. i’m no more terrified of love more than ever and hope one day to get it back. i’m trying to find my way back to his love.

      • You are having a rough go right now. Trust me, it does get better. I was so sad for months but I have found happiness once again. My pain has lessened. The scar of this remains – some scars are with us for a lifetime and others fade, sometimes so much you can’t see them at all – I hope one day it too is gone and this is all just a distant memory.
        The song for you is “Your Not The Man” by Sade.

      • thank you, and i’ll have to listen to that song. but keep writing please, i read yours everyday now, and hoping i can write just like you sooner or later.

      • Thanks – I’m glad you enjoy my writing. Walking alone is rough, especially at first, but I’m learning it’s not all bad. This blog has helped a great deal through the last few months and if I my writing helps someone else who is in a similar situation it somehow makes me feel better. If that meakes sense.

      • i wish mine could do the same, but i totally understand what you mean

  2. I want to thank you. I’ve been broken, and I miss him still. I long for him. but I also long for the day. I can wake up, have a smile on my face that isn’t fake. I’m tired of pretending. I wanna scream it out to the world hell no I’m not okay, but I don’t. So, I go on about my day, fake smile and pretending. Living a lie, this is now what I am. A walking, talking, cruel lie. Your site has helped me. So Thank you.

    • Thank you for your comment. I know where you are as I have been there too. Time does make it better.

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