After The Hurt

When I was a child at the playground I remember being told, “Don’t climb on that, you’re going to fall and hurt yourself.” But I was stubborn, kept at it, and ending up hurting myself. After a while though, the hurt went away; I quickly forgot about it and went at it again, a bit cautiously, but kept at it. Now when I think back, I laugh at those times because it’s funny. I learned through the bumps and bruises, while having fun.

I’m now at the point where I ask myself, “Did I have fun? Did I enjoy the ride while it lasted? Did I learn something?” I want to take those experiences with me so I can make something better for next time. Of course, I’ve needed to compose myself and exhaust that hurt out but I want to stop wasting so much time dwelling on the hurt.

In spirit, we are all young – we should be like that little kid in the park getting on all the rides, some we enjoy a lot and some aren’t for us yet we don’t find ourselves sitting on a bench over a small bump while everyone around us is having fun. We need to get up, get over it and move forward. And, don’t forget to have fun! 


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