Moments In Life

There are moments in life we wish we could forget.
There are times in life that we all regret.
There are words we wished had never been exchanged,
Yet, there are feelings we yearned had been expressed.

Sometimes, we don’t realize what we have till it’s lost,
Sometimes, we do things without thinking about what’s its going to cost.
Sometimes, we protest to accept our wrongs,
And sometimes, we feel alone; like we don’t belong.

Now and then, we lose someone close.
Now and then, memories fade like old photos.
Now and then, our hearts get shattered.
Every now and then, ours lives get battered.

But past all the surface bumps and scratches,
We look deep down, beyond all the patches.
And find in this eternal darkness, a single light.
We discover a tiny flame slowly conquering the night.

Why not, take hold of this flame?
Why not, stand tall and proclaim and forget the pain?
Why not, love and be loved once more?
Why not, recover after a lost battle and win the war?

– F.S.



  1. Little flickers of flame are like light houses on the coast.they guide the fishermen home.your words are as powerful as its light.

    • Even though I write these words for me others can relate; that makes it so much more than just characters on a screen.
      The written word can be very powerful.

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