Cold Heart

Dear Heart,

Perhaps the reason you are alone is because no one can see you.

You will never be found on sleeve, and the cage you are held in is unable to break. Maybe the reason you are so cold is that no one can get in to warm you. You have grown to feel nothing and are unable to change, you wish to stay that way to stop yourself from shattering.

My dear forgotten heart, one day someone will tear down your barrier and you will see the bright beautiful world once again. But until that day comes my dear heart, you will be trapped forever in darkness and self-pity, but surely you are used to that, my dear cold lonely heart.

From, the body that wishes you would stop.



  1. that was painful to read, because it made sense…

    love your theme, and your colors, simple and just gracious!

    • I re-read my post again and it is painfully sad because it has a bit too much truth in it. Thank you so much for your uplifting comments. Before I stumbled on Ibhog’s blog I found yours. So much of what you write touches me deeply. Sometimes I read your words and think you have said what my soul feels. The pain you write about and your daily struggle with life is very similar to my own.

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