Life Is A Puzzle

Each piece is scattered throughout our time here on Earth and it is up to us to find the pieces and place them exactly where they belong. It will not be easy. In fact we will not know what the pieces are or where they may be hidden.

It could be as simple as a revelation. Or a random act of kindness. Maybe in the shape of another human being who may teach us the meaning of something profound. Perhaps a journey through a tumultuous time that will give us an insight to courage and hope. It could be as simple as feeling the heat of the sun on our skin and at that precise moment revel in how warm and pleasing it feels. As confusing as the wetness of a tear as it slides down your cheek to make you realize that you can cry when you are happy as well as sad. Or an aroma so inviting that it can stir your senses to overload and enable you to feel an abundance of emotions ranging from ecstasy to fear. Maybe it will be a moment in a memory that was placed in one’s mind and then forgotten, to be resurrected at a time when needed the most. 
Life is a puzzle. 
But with each new segment that completes the corners and borders of our picture it will be seen as an accomplishment. Not because we have failed or achieved but simply because we have tried. There will not be a winning outcome in every endeavour we set out to pursue. In fact, we will have many disappointments that will leave us battered and unable to comprehend the meaning of choice. 

Then there are the frustrations that will have us in a boundless state of euphoria and it is when we are in eye of this storm we must sit down and reflect where it is leading us and if it is the right path to follow and if, in the grand scheme of things, it will change us for the better or for the worse. Which will you choose?

 To have power in the knowledge that you can achieve all you want and not bear any consequences of your actions, or to be one of the people with a conscience and stop before it is too late. The money or the box.

Decisions. They can make or break you.

Would it be better if we were all clones implanted with a switch that was controlled by a higher plane of existence? That it was THEY who controlled our every thought and move. 
Sometimes I believe that it could be like that. We listen and we see, but ultimately it is our decision as to what we believe. 
The world is a puzzle. 
And it is filled with pieces that only we can put together, in any semblance of order that we like. It could be a perfect border and corners and our centrepiece could be as jumbled as a comic book of colours with no faces or places to see.

That is where we, as an entity, come and put a face to a place and follow through the scenario that is before us. 

Yes this may seem a confusing mumbo jumbo of words and too hard to make sense of but in reality if you just read between the lines it is as plain as the nose on your face. 
Look in the mirror and see yourself for who you are. 

Can you see that these small words are growing in capacity as you read? 
And that is what life is like. It will grow as you grow and with it will come such clarity and resolution to all that you challenge. You may be meek and mild but have such power in your convictions as to overshadow one who is loud and obnoxious and too forceful with greed. 
There we have it. 
Life is a puzzle. 
But with it comes such promise and the finalization of a complete picture. It may not look like the picture on the box but it will still be your life. 

And life is just that. It is what we make it. With all the ups and downs and the challenges, it is still LIFE. We are just pages in the next chapter of evolution and we should try to leave this world as an example and not a mistake that needs to be rectified at some later date.   

May 2010 be a year of change, happiness and a never-ending journey of discovery. Happy New Year!



  1. well its certainly true.. a puzzle in all the ways and aspect in our life.. but life is what we really make it.. live life as if its the last and let be the past a lesson for the present and live whats today for tomorrow.. happy new year to you!

    • I agree 100% – life is what we make it.

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