Vagabond Heart

I know your fingers sting from snagging them on wild rose thorns … but you’re still holding my hand and ignoring the trickling blood.

I know it bruises when you get tangled in barbed-wire-smiles … but you’re still kissing my lips and calling me beautiful.

I know you get tired chasing my vagabond-heart … but you aren’t trying to hobble my nomad-feet.

I know it’s not easy, loving a tumbleweed of a woman … but you’re still hot on my trail.  



  1. Wow!
    I totally get this tumbleweed of a woman. And the bigger person who loves her.

    Tears in my eyes. Thank you.

    • I am glad my words touched you enough to comment. Thank you.

  2. Wow, that is so beautiful!

    • Thank you – I am glad you liked it.

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