Love and Risking Heartbreak

Why do we get into relationships? We allow a person into our lives and into our hearts, risking heartbreak and emotional turbulence, hoping that the good times will outweigh the bad. We let our guard down in exchange for connection. We invest our very selves in something much bigger than us; the possibility of falling in love.

Finding “the one” is no easy task. It’s a strenuous game of trial and error that can leave us exhausted and crushed if we are not careful. In the search for connection we expose our most secret sides to another person, trusting that they will see something in us that is worth holding on to. But if finding “the one” is in fact so difficult and so wearying, why are we willing to give love a chance time after time?

How safe is it to invest in the idea of something more? Are we just fooling ourselves, or do we really have another half? Are we betting too much in this love game, all the while setting ourselves up to be hurt? 



  1. you know, I kinda believe there’s no ‘task’ per se, in finding the one. I thought it’s cliche and so, but it really really ‘just happens’ – this is why it’s so weary.

    It’s like sleep, you have to wake up to know how many hours you’ve slept. We never really are aware of it when it takes course – somethings we only ‘look back’ at, not just ‘look’ at.

    I guess ..

    • I don’t believe there is just one woman for one man or one man for every woman. If truth be told, I actually believe there are many “ones” throughout our lives and they are each meant to be at that particular moment in time. The person we dated in high school is not the same as the one we dated in university, and so on. Each “one” brings something new to our lives and from them we learn what we like and dislike in a romantic partner.

      The media puts so much emphasis on finding that one person who completes us, like we are broken and need fixing in some way or another. I think we should be looking for someone who complements us.

      And, just like the saying, “a watched pot never boils”, we don’t find love when we are looking, love finds us, unexpectedly.

  2. Is it safe??? I guess not, it’s never safe as it’s always risky, you give it all, cross your fingers and hope that this is it, the happy ending, the one and only. You might get a broken heart in the process till you find the shore u will settle on. It’s weary but a game worth to play.

    Are we fooling ourselves? never think of that, if we did then what’s the use of even dreaming about it. and if it was not true then we wouldn’t be here, our parents, grand parents and our grand grand parents would have known and quit the whole thing a long time ago.

    • Our hearts are never safe when it comes to love. Love hurts. Sometimes it smarts like a wound in rubbing alcohol. Sometimes it hurts so much that you feel like you may rip apart.
      But, humans have a way of forgetting the hurt or getting past it. And eventually, we let someone in and discover love is worth the hurt because when it works, love is brilliant.

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