“Indifference is the real opposite of love. To love or hate, you must care about the person. To be indifferent is far worse.” -Source Unknown

*This quote hits me hard because I am guilty of being indifferent. A defence mechanism used to keep the walls around me. I am afraid to let my guard down, to let anyone know the real me. Oh I throw bits and pieces out now and then but the real me is safe behind my walls. 



  1. Being indifferent will never allow you to have real love. You will only be able to settle for something less than you want, need and deserve. If that doesn’t fall apart in an ugly divorce you will be left sad and alone with someone else who is sad and alone with you.

    True love is the greatest ecstasy and euphoria we can know and it is out there for you and every one else. Open yourself up, and take a step. You may get hurt, but in the end game, it will all be worth it. And who knows, it may be tomorrow in the elevator at work, or the coffee shop, or walking a block from your home and the right person suited just especially for you may come into your life. But you have to be willing to try or the perfect person for you may slip away. If that has happened in you past though, don’t worry there is always another perfect or near perfect man or woman for all of us, it’s all a matter of timing.

    • “…you will be left sad and alone with someone else who is sad and alone with you.”

      Thank you for your comment, it really got me thinking.

      The feeling of being alone while in a realationship is sad. I have settled in the past, I tried to convince myself that I could be happy but in the end realised I wasn’t being fair, to myself or him.

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