Time Changes Everything

When was the last time you really crossed my mind? I can’t remember your smile. Nor can I recall your face with perfect clarity. That cologne you used to wear, I can’t recall the smell anymore. I don’t look for your car when I’m driving and my heart doesn’t skip a beat when I do. Time has changed everything. I’ve finally moved on.



  1. Sometimes, this is a great feeling. Sometimes, it’s utterly depressing. You want to recreate a picture of the person in your head, you don’t want to forget the love you had (because it was an important part of your life) … but then, remembering all that hurts sometimes. Thanks for this post, it really resonated with me.

    • For me, forgetting these things tells me my heart is finally ready to love again. There are things I will never forget (the good times & bad) but the seemingly small things like scent or seeing his car are important for me to forget.

  2. cant wait for this time to come…..that i can say ive finally moved on

    • It took me longer this time than ever before. The hurt was deep.

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