You Stand Out

You definitely make me feel a little more normal than perhaps I really am.



I listen to the ocean, and it tells me things. Even in the midst of this Western city, far from the ocean of my childhood, I still hear the waves whispering to my heart more, perhaps, than I want to know.

Love Found

Over the past year I’ve been too stubborn, afraid of getting hurt, and unwilling to take chances. Funny how life throws a curve ball your way and it changes everything.

The idea of opening my heart to another was terrifying but after a year I was finally ready to the take on the challenge, realising the unlimited possibilites that would come from sharing my life with someone … someone who loved me back.

I Am Happy

I was tired of everything. It felt like I was falling apart. I thought I had given up on love. Along with a number of events, I dug myself a hole where I seemed to lose myself in confusion.

But somehow, one night, I was found by this beautiful person, with a heart of an angel. The first night we talked uninterruptedly for hours, and we continued to talk the next day and the next and the next… we continued to talk. We spoke with words and looks and smiles.
He took my hand as he walked with me; I smiled all night long. Before I knew it, time passed and I am where I am today.

There’s so much more of this story but its just details. What matters is that these weeks, these months, have given me hope, a light to count on. I know for sure that my heart lies in his hands; I’m not afraid. His eyes tell me that nothing can go wrong. His heart tells me I am happiness. His words are nothing but the truth.

I know now, for sure, that there are saviours in this world. They may be rare, but they are there.

He is amazing. I am happy. 

Time Changes Everything

When was the last time you really crossed my mind? I can’t remember your smile. Nor can I recall your face with perfect clarity. That cologne you used to wear, I can’t recall the smell anymore. I don’t look for your car when I’m driving and my heart doesn’t skip a beat when I do. Time has changed everything. I’ve finally moved on.

Love The Little Things

There are little things about everyone that I love. Generally, I think that this makes me a better person. I try hard to appreciate something in everyone.

The part where I always get into trouble is when I actually do fall in love with someone. Sometimes I have a hard time differentiating my everyday love from my I-want-to-be-with-you-everyday love.

Sleepless Nights

I have been doing a lot of thinking in the recent weeks. The kind of thinking that takes place when the night is at its darkest and those thoughts seem so loud in the silence, so loud that they chase sleep away.

There is the never-ending stream of memories I would rather forget. I think about how my heart has been stretched, squeezed and popped so many times that it’s a wonder it is still beating.

I think about how everything around me is changing and sometimes all those changes are too much for the heart to handle. Sometimes it’s too easy to get lost in these thoughts.

Eventually I do fight these thoughts away, forcing myself to think of something else. But not before they’ve done their damage.