“I know you’re just a rag doll now, sewn together with memories that we might have had.
I know you’re just the dream inside of a dream
And don’t worry, I know I don’t know you, anymore.”

Time Changes Everything

When was the last time you really crossed my mind? I can’t remember your smile. Nor can I recall your face with perfect clarity. That cologne you used to wear, I can’t recall the smell anymore. I don’t look for your car when I’m driving and my heart doesn’t skip a beat when I do. Time has changed everything. I’ve finally moved on.

Sleepless Nights

I have been doing a lot of thinking in the recent weeks. The kind of thinking that takes place when the night is at its darkest and those thoughts seem so loud in the silence, so loud that they chase sleep away.

There is the never-ending stream of memories I would rather forget. I think about how my heart has been stretched, squeezed and popped so many times that it’s a wonder it is still beating.

I think about how everything around me is changing and sometimes all those changes are too much for the heart to handle. Sometimes it’s too easy to get lost in these thoughts.

Eventually I do fight these thoughts away, forcing myself to think of something else. But not before they’ve done their damage. 

Another Time

“Is it too much to ask for magic? Am I too old to be expecting butterflies anymore? Have I lost the innocence and naivety needed to feel infatuation again? As I lie in bed next to Mr. Perfectforme, I inevitably feel the sneaking snake of doubt come creeping into my mind. I feel guilt for feeling doubt because I should be letting myself go, falling in love, head spinning. But I’m not. I’m thinking of dishes in the sink, presents to be wrapped, e-mails to reply to. When I roll over and see his amazing baby blues staring at me, I don’t get flutters and flickers. Instead, my mind floats back to another time, another place, another set of arms which, when wrapped among, gave me the flutters and flickers. I miss those arms and those feelings. I would give anything to have one more night in those arms, the butterflies flying crazy inside of me.”

– Susan

The Truth

I thought I was telling the truth when I said I didn’t miss you. Turns out I was just lying to myself.

One Little Thing

If just one little thing had been different, I would not even know you right now.

Sometimes I wonder if you ever think of us. And what happened between us.

I wonder if you even care.

Reminds Me of You

Call it a cliché. Call it whatever you want, but it drives me insane how every time I turn on my iPod so many songs reminds me of you.

What’s your problem? Invade my mind? Fine. Invade my heart? Go ahead. But invade my iPod? Really?