Love Found

Over the past year I’ve been too stubborn, afraid of getting hurt, and unwilling to take chances. Funny how life throws a curve ball your way and it changes everything.

The idea of opening my heart to another was terrifying but after a year I was finally ready to the take on the challenge, realising the unlimited possibilites that would come from sharing my life with someone … someone who loved me back.



Most of us have been in a relationship that has turned sour and my guess is we’ve all felt the hurt that comes with that.

We feel miserable, depressed, and lonely. How do you move on from the heartache? It’s not easy, but it is do-able.

A good friend told me:

“It is not the end of the world. You are still going to wake up tomorrow and eat your bagel just like the day before and the day before that. Life is not over. You are still you and no one can take that away from you.”

She was right. 

What I Fear

I’ve spent my life feeling like someone who was on the move. An itch would get under my skin and inflame the hairs up and down my arms, tingling through the back of my neck. Little imperfections in my environment would become huge gaping holes propelling me to go, to move, to change for the sake of change. I always – always – saw an ending for me that was somewhere alone. It’s cheesy but true – my ending in my mind was always me, living alone, with a couple of cats. I wasn’t afraid of commitment … I was afraid of abandonment. Love to me was always something you left before it left you. End of story.

But my story has changed now. Life has changed that for me. Love has changed that for me.

Life is an open question now, one that I stare at a great deal – surprised that I get to have a life I never thought I would, never thought I could. Every single day is a surprise because nothing is the way I once suspected it would be.

Right now it’s about determining how to let go of how I always saw the end and allowing life to take me where I’m meant to be. With who I’m meant to be with.

I’m Fine Without You

I don’t need you to smile anymore; I can smile on my own,
I don’t need you to feel loved; I’d rather be alone.
I don’t need you to laugh, because here I am laughing,
I don’t need you to live, I don’t see me dying.

Thought I couldn’t be without you, but I’m fine,
I don’t need you anymore to be mine.
I don’t need to cry over the times apart,
I’m fine without you; I’ve taken back my heart.

– Source Unknown 

Don’t Stay Lonely

I can honestly say there is nothing more wonderful than having someone to love and the feeling of being loved in return. Our hearts may have been broken but we all learn how to fly again, soar high and to be brave, not fearing anything. We began to see the beauty in the world and there is so much joy in life… unless we stop hoping for love.


“At some point you have to make a decision. Boundaries don’t keep other people out – they fence you in.

So, you can waste your life drawing lines OR you can live your life by crossing them.”

– Source Unknown

Love Cuts

“You should tell them the truth. Tell them that if they hold on too tightly, love might cut them. Tell them to hold on tightly anyway. Tell them everything is worth it and that the richness of life is only ever enhanced by its inevitable, brief flashes of sadness and loss.”

– Iain