A Song Says Everything

Songs sometimes have a way of saying all I want to say. So I’ll let these lyrics speak for me today.


I cried a tear, you wiped it dry
I was confused, you cleared my mind
I sold my soul, you bought it back for me
And held me up and gave me dignity
Somehow you needed me
I can’t believe it’s true
I needed you and you were there
And I’ll never leave, why should I leave
I’d be a fool
‘Cause I finally found someone who really cares

You held my hand when it was cold
When I was lost you took me home
You gave me hope when I was at the end
And turned my lies back into truth again
You even called me “friend”

You gave me strength to stand alone
To face the world out on my own
You put me high upon a pedestal
So high that I could almost see eternity
You needed me, you needed me

– Lyrics by Anne Murray


Reminds Me of You

Call it a cliché. Call it whatever you want, but it drives me insane how every time I turn on my iPod so many songs reminds me of you.

What’s your problem? Invade my mind? Fine. Invade my heart? Go ahead. But invade my iPod? Really?


Oh, I thought the world of you
I thought nothing could go wrong
But I was wrong, I was wrong

If you, if you could get by, trying not to lie,
Things wouldn’t be so confused and I wouldn’t feel so used

-Cranberries Linger

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  

Everyone who told me to “give it time and you’ll be okay” was right. I have finally reached the point where I am not continually reminded of you.  Oh, I occaisonally think of you, but I don’t allow thoughts of you to linger. There is no point living in the past. I don’t need you in my life. My future is bright and I’ve ultimately realised that my future will be brighter without you.

Anybody’s Heart

I was yours, I was yours
And the heart that you broke
Was devoted and pure
And it wasn’t just anybody’s heart

– Anybody’s Heart

Just An Old-Fashioned Love Song

I am getting good at forgetting you. I have learned to collect all of the scrambling memories I have of you, running around like fluffy little chicks. I scoop them up quickly, stick them in a box and close the lid that throbs like a new bruise.

But every once in a while, a little yellow memory escapes and sneaks its oily way into my conscience, interrupting a once placid moment.

Once, I was in the grocery store — way in the grocery store — far from any exit and easy escape, when I heard the old familiar notes of our song beginning to play on my rustiest heartstring.

As I stood in the cereal aisle with Chex in one hand, Cheerios in the other, I flooded with poultry of what these words once were to me, to us. I recalled the time shopping for towels that our tune played and you wordlessly pulled me in to sway right there among the Egyptian cotton and terrycloth.

How I cherished that moment then. How I am haunted by it now. The lyrics, now so laden with meaning, laughing in my face with irony, make me want to tear open the boxes in my hands and watch the breakfast roll down the manilla tiles of aisle seven.

A life that we once swore was better together is distant. Foreign. Foggy.

I soon realize that I have been deciding for five minutes. I scoop up the chick, tuck it back inside its box and put the cereal back on the shelf. I exit the store leaving my appetite and the memory on the shelf. -Susan

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

I can so relate to what the author is saying. I can never listen to Sheriff’s When I’m With You without thinking of my first love. It’s an old song he found somewhere and he called it our song. I hear it every now and then on my car radio and it instantly transports me back in time, triggering memories of a past love.

I’m Leaving

“… I’m leaving on a jet plane
I don’t know when I’ll be back again ”
Chantal Kreviazuk

I am going to be offline for a while. I won’t be here. I won’t be on email. I won’t be anywhere.

Well actually, I will be somewhere. I am going on vacation. My flight leaves in 3 hours. Please be here when I get back.

Here I Go Again on My Own

Tho’ I keep searching for an answer
I never seem to find what I’m looking for.
Oh Lord, I pray you give me strength to carry on
‘cos I know what it means to walk along the lonely street of dreams.

Here I go again on my own
goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known.
Like a drifter I was born to walk alone.
An’ I’ve made up my mind, I ain’t wasting no more time.

Just another heart in need of rescue
waiting on love’s sweet charity
an’ I’m gonna hold on for the rest of my days
‘cos I know what it means to walk along the lonely street of dreams.

– Whitesnake “Here I Go Again on My Own”